I’ve been laying all day
letting the light come
into my room.


Jaakko Heikkilä realizes a photocraphic art Beyond photography aesthetically in the Philosphical tradition of romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich or an enlightened Rationalism of Max Ernst and Salvador Dali. Yet at the same time his work contrawise, contradicts this classification. He moves us by touching the many wounds od globally oriented societes and cultures with his padst and current projects.

Andreas Vowinckel, Arthistorian, Cologne, Germany


There is no other way, the way worward is a mystery Dreams are movement, the future is in our blood Titian knew how to paint black, a man rises out of blackness.

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Filosophy of success

The  book and exhibition in Finnish National Museum october 2021

Harlem – Venice

Exhibition in White Box Harlem Art Center 2021

H2 – Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst

Artist Talk in Augsburg on February 2nd 2020.

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