I’ve been lying all day,
letting light into my room.


Jaakko Heikkilä realizes photographic art ‘beyond photography’ - citing influences from the romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich combined with an enlightened rationalism of Max Ernst and the surrealism of Salvador Dali. Yet at the same time his work defies classification. He moves us by touching wounds of people and cultures all over the world.

Andreas Vowinckel, Art Historian, Cologne, Germany


There is no other way. The way forward is a mystery. Dreams are movement. The future is in our blood. Titian knew how to paint black. A man rises out of blackness.

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Artist talk

Taidemuseopäivät, Kukkolaforsen 13.10.2023

Artist Talk

Hanko Fotofestival  9.9. 2023



Kolme Jokea – Three Rivers

Kolme Jokea – Three Rivers

Rovaniemen taidemuseo – Rovaniemi Art Museum 1.9. 2022 – 8.1.2023

Philosophy of Wealth – Portraits of Finnish Wealth

Philosophy of Wealth –
Portraits of Finnish Wealth

Finnish National Museum 22.4. – 2.10. 2022

Art Review City – Sweet Song of Harlem

Review from Art Review city.

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Harlem – Venice

Exhibition in White Box Harlem Art Center 2021

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