Jaakko Heikkilä
Studio Blue

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Jaakko Heikkilä
Date of the birth: 24.03.1956
Place of the birth: Kemi


Graduate engineer, Oulu University 1983.

Professional career

1984 – 86 Researcher, Oulu University.
1987 – 89 Researcher, Academy of Finland.
Since 1985 Freelance fotographer.
Since 1989 Independent artist.

Selected privat exhibitions

Three rivers – Rovaniemi Art Museum 2022
together with Markku Heikkilä

Philosophy of Wealth – Finnish National Museum, Helsinki 2022 

Sweet Song of Harlem – White Box Harlem, New York 2021 
El Barrio’s Artspace, PS 109 
ChaShaMa, Space for Artists


 Selected group exhibitions


Time, place and light, gallery Valo Rovaniemi 2022
Skandinavian exhibition
Northern Affinity, gallery Napa, Rovaniemi 2021
Artists from Bascue Country and Lapland
Neue Galerie im Höchmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany 2019
STILLfotografia, Milano, Italy 2018
Norther Fotographic Center, Oulu 2018
Arktikum, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland 2016
The National Museum of Finland 2016
Ratamo, Jyväskylä, Finland 2015
Karelicum, Joensuu, Finland  2014 With Anastasia Kohoroshilova
Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia  2013 with Anastasia Khoroshilova
Zil Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia 2013 With Anastasia Khoroshilova
Gallery Ruth Leuchter, Dusseldorf, Germany 2013
Gallery Heino, Helsinki 2012
Trygve Lie Gallery, New York 2012
Luleå Art Hall, Sweden 2012
Kiel City Gallery, Germany 2011
Finnish Fotographic Museum 2011
Gallery Heino, Helsinki 2010
Korjaamo, Helsinki 2008
Aine Art Museum, Tornio, Finland 2007
Gallery Heino, Helsinki ,Finland 2007
Kunsthalle Lophem, Belgium 2006
Rovaniemi Art Museum 2006
Art Hall Hishult, Sweden 2006
Venice Biennale, Sala delle Colonne 2005
Gallery REMONT, Belgrad, Serbia 2005
Kerava Art Museum, Finland 2005
Krypta, Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland 2005
Musee De Normandi , Chateau Caen, France 2004
Museum Europäischer Kulturen,Berlin, Germany 2004
Sideshowgallery, New York , USA 2004
Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Finland. 2001
UNN gallery, Newcastele, England. 2001
European Patent Office, Munich, Germany. 1999
Kunstföreningens Gallery, Tromsö, Norway. 1995
Aine Art Museum, Tornion, Finland. 1994
Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Finland. 1993
Kemi Artmuseum, Finland. 1990
Väinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, Finland. 1990
Gallery Finnfoto, Helsinki, Finland. 1984

Selected group exhibitions

Vanitas Contemporary, H2 im Glaspalast, Augsburg, Germany 2019
Nordisk Salong, Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg 2017
100 Years of Finland – Identity and Consciousness
Alte Pfandhaus, Gologne, Germany 2017
”Northern Encounters” Northern Fotographic Center, Oulu Finland 2017
”Visible Grounds” Arkticum, Rovaniemi, Finland 2017
Waterscapes, Kiel City Gallery, Germany 2015
Watch up North, Photographic Center, Oulu, Finland 2014
Nature and More, Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany 2014
Bodies, Borders and Crossings
Lima Photographic Biennale, Galerie Juan Pardo Heeren 2014
Sala Idea Vilario, Montevideo, Uruguay 2014
Bodies, Borders and Crossings, Preus Museum, Horten, Norway 2013
Behind Landscape, H2 Zentrum fur gegenwartskunst, Augsburg, Germany 2012
Snowball effect, Oulu Art Museum, Finland 2012
Bodies, Borders, Crossings, Governor Island, New York 2011
Almos(t) here, Migrations, dislocations and borders in Art
Nash Gallery, Minneapolish. USA) 2010
Elli, The Cross Art Dokumentary 2009
Aine Art Musem, The Sodankylä Film festival, Sunny Side of the doc,
La Rochelle, Ranska, Sheffield international dokumentary festival, England
Variations on Trancending the Finiteness of Human Vision,
Riga Art Space, Latvia 2009
Borderlives, Ludwig Forum fur internationale Kunst , Aachen, Germany 2008
Kiel City Gallery, Germany 2008
Our Land, Helsinki City Art Museum, Finland 2007
Unexplored Terrain, Pace Digital Gallery, New York 2007
Art on the Move, Ludwigsburg, Germany 2006
Archeology of New York, Korean Gallery, New York 2006
Contemporary Finnish Photography, house of Photography, Prague 2004 Fotofinlandia, Capel fabric, Helsinki, Finland 2004
Poetry of water, Michailiwski Castle, St. Petersburg, Russia 2003
People on eastern borders, DOM, photographic center, Poprad, Slovakia 2003
Almost perfect, Jugend Hall, Helsinki, Kuopio Art Museum, Finland 2002
TIME AND NATURE, Award Winners, Hanau, Germany. 2002
International Biennale Design Festival, Saint-Etienne, France. 2000
Installation “for love to the fire” with sculpture Teuvo Tuomivaara
Guattro Stagioni, Luleå Arthall, Sweden 2000

Monographies (photographic books)

Sweet Song of Harlem, Parvs, Blue Book 7 2021
Rooms Hidden by The Water, Maahenki, Blue Book 6,016
Kitchen Talks, Kehrer Heidelberg, Blue Books 5, 2014, Together with Anastasia Khoroshilova
Silent Talks, Kehrer Heidelberg, Blue Book 4, 2011
Armenian Unspoken Destinies, Like, Blue book 3, 2008
Kukkolankoski, Blue book 2, 2006
Pomors, text Helene Alm, Blue book 1, 2001
Bright Humility, Pohjoinen, 1997
Meänmaa, text Bengt Pohjanen, Pohjoinen, 1992

Other publications (selected)

BBC, Finnish Cultural Institut in New York 2013
Archeology of New York, Soul, Korean Cultural Services 2008
Borderlives, Ludwig Forum fur Internationale Kunst 2008
Our Land! Photographs from Finland 2007
Playzebra 4/2006, Venice, Italy 2006
Unspoken Destinies, exhibition catalog, Hishult, Sweden 2006
Venice Biennale, exhibition catalog 2005
FRAMEWORK 3/2005, the Finnish art review 2005
Museums Journal, october 2004, Berlin 2004
Monat der Fotografie, november 2004, Berlin 2004

Grants and Awards (selected)

Barents Scolarship for cultural cooperation 2017
Three years Grant from Finnish State Art Council 2015
Three years Grant from Finnish State 2014
Five years Grant from Finnish State 2009
One year Grant Finnish Cultural Foundation 2008
Finnish State Art Prize for the Photographic Arts 2007
Two years grant from Art Council of Lapland 2006 – 2007
Two years Grant from Finnish State 2003 – 2004
International Art Award, Hanau, Germany 2002
One year Grant from Finnish State 2002
The Quality Grant for Books from Finnish State 2000, 2006
Three years Grant from Art Council of Lapland 1997 – 1999
Three years Grant from Finnish State 1993 – 1995


Cite, Paris 2013
Oaxaca, Mexico  2015
Finnish Cultural Institute, New York 2011
Sacatar Foundation, working Grand in Salvador, Brazil 2008
Frame, 18th street Art Residence, working Grant in Los Angeles 2005
Finnish Foundation for Visual Arts, working Grant in New York 2001

Works in collections (selected)

Swedush State Collection, Finnish State collections, Kiasma, Aine Art Museum, Pori Artmuseum, Rovaniemi Artmuseum, Finnish Photographic museum, Oulu Art Museum,
The Town Hanau, Germany, European Patent Office, Munich, Germany
Contemporary photography at the Neue Börse in Frankfurt/Main