Nine Portraits of Finnish Wealth in Finland, Sweden, France and USA, 2018 - 2022

Sweden was among the first countries
to recognize American independence.
The treaty was signed by
Benjamin Franklin and Finnish Gustav Philip Creutz

Sometimes you must invest in your dreams, whether they are grazy or not

It's like that, you don't go out dancing if your yard needs to be raked.


Philosophy of Wealth

Rooms Hidden by the Water

An Agreement in Havana

Kitchen Talks

The Street

The travel under the earth

A Market

Privat Museum in Louvre

Innocent Shores

Unspoken Destinies

Po More

Our Land – Bright Humility

Jesus stands on the Swedish side

Eyes burned by the coconut

Ballad of Lapland

Archeology of Harlem

A Voice without letters

Warm Solitude

Exhibitions in spaces